Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Hair Definitions

What to do with my hair?

The amount of times I've asked myself this question. I finally stopped relaxing my hair a year ago or so, been tempted to relax it so many times because of the nice finish it gives your hair. Of course it also comes with great damage if the hair isn't treated right.

A few weeks ago a lady came in to the office from a marketing team for Hair Definitions .. I'll be honest at first I thought they only deal with "European hair" etc so I didn't pay much attention. Then I heard the words "we deal with afro hair too", let me tell you my ears instantly poked out. 

Time went by and once again I got to the stage "what do I do with my hair?". I called around to several places and then I remembered Hair Definitions, they booked me in for a consultation. The lovely lady named Elizabeth recommended that I do a KeraStraight treatment. She talked me through it and the products etc. which was very helpful (no harsh chemicals yay), I decided to have the treatment and was booked in to come back two days later.

At my hair appointment, Elizabeth was so patient with my hair and she explained everything about the procedure again and took me through all the steps and what they were for as she worked on my hair. She gave me good advice on how to maintain my hair and keep it healthy.

- purifying wash (rid of all oils/dirt)
- conditioning 
- wash out 
- blowdry 
Forgot to take a before and after pic of my hair, but below is a pic of my hair a few days after the treatment and a cut. The picture under mine is a picture from their website showing another KeraStraight result. 

I genuinely didn't think KeraStraight would make a difference to my hair. After blow drying my hair it still had the same look it usually has after a normal blowdry, I don't know what I was expecting. Once Elizabeth  straightened my hair though.. *drum rolls* a different type of life! The bounce and the softness to the hair was a surprise to me, I haven't had a result like that even after what I used to think was a good relaxer treatment to my hair before.

As Elizabeth
 said for those keeping their hair away from relaxers  "it is like having your cake and eating it too".

Let me know if you're thinking to go for a KeraStraight or if you have any questions.

Michelle x 


  1. Hey!Im new to your blog but im already inlove lol
    I booked to have this done in a week or so and if you dont mind, I have a few questions :)
    What kind of texture is your natural hair? (Mine is 4c 4b..)
    Did your hair look stiff like a perm or more "swishy" like a silk press?
    Lastly, were they gentle with your afro hair or quite rough?
    Thanks so much!

  2. Also how was your hair after you washed it? did your curls come back and as there damage? im so scared lol

    1. Hi Lucinda, really sorry I've only just seen your comments! You might have had it done by now and if so how did it go? Thought I'll answer your questions just incase..My texture is also 4c/4b, my hair was really swishy like a silk press which I loved! The lady that did mine was really gentle with my hair and after a wash I noticed the curls but it went straight after blow drying it.

      I haven't had another one done, had a haircut (my own choice lol) but my hair is just fine, no damage at all :)

      Let me know how it went for you and sorry again that I missed your comments x


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